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My wife and I had such a great time at The Inn at Manzanillo Bay, we booked it again for next year!

Jack Bohlka

I won the Wolves in Yellowstone trip that the Environmental Adventure Company sponsored. I just want everyone to know that the trip in March was amazing! Michael Sanders organized everything so well. The guest speakers were the tops in their field. Michael himself was endless information. It was such a special trip for me that I couldn’t imagine being any better. I just want to pass on positive feedback.

Charlotte Roewe

Thanks, Sally. We look forward to another wonderful generous adventure, thanks you to and your company.

Jill Ferguson

My friend and I won the bid on the Green River Classical Music tour last summer and we had an outstanding time. The four young women who made up the string quartet were delightful, as were our guides. We did not have high water and the rapids were rather tame, but it was a lovely relaxing cruise down the Green River. Highly recommended!

Kathy Crandall

I want to tell you that you are doing a terrific job running the website and auctions. I have referred so many people to the site, because our experiences have for the most part been terrific.

Suzanna Mak

Thanks for a great idea. I’ve told all my friends about your site. I’m a judge who travels aproximately 10 times a year for fun.

Anne Taylor

Hotel “Si Como No” was fabulous.

Joe Conner

All the folks at Generous Adventures: My husband and I just got back from our stay at the Caribbean Paradise Inn in Provodenciales, TCI. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!! Thank you so much for a great vacation/environmental donation. The combination couldn’t have been better for us. Thanks again.

Jennifer Wells

We’ve just returned from the first of many trips I’m planning to take with Generousadventures.com. It was much greater than I had hoped for. Maria’s Majestic View B & B was lovely, but Maria’s grace, warmth and hospitality was greater yet. I learned a great deal from Rick Harness’ passionate support of the miracle of nature, and Jim Landis–man of many careers–was a gracious host at Sadie Cove fjord, an exquisite place. Most of all, the chance to support the advocacy of nature conservation is humbling.

Dr. Larry Blum


Michael J. Allor

I just wanted to thank you and Generous Adventures for the superb trip, rafting the Futaleufu River in Chile. Karen and I especially want to commend the Earth River guides, led by Greg, who was everything and more that one could have wished for in a lead guide, ably assisted by Ben, Jed, Christian, Abner and the complete team and support staff. With very difficult conditions (including incredibly high flood waters!) which necessitated changes in plans on short notice, Greg managed to deliver an extremely high quality trip with all of the adventure, drama, and memories for which one could wish. The rafting, the riding on the Chilean ponies, the rock climbing: I shall hold these and many more vibrant memories of this superb trip for a long time to come. The only complaint Karen and I have is that we have as yet been unable to shake the vivid presence of the trip from our psyches! We awake in the night, still feeling as if, and believing we are in Patagonia. We hear a sound and we are propelled back into the trip, and so forth. We really appreciate the efforts put in to make this trip truly a life altering experience. We also really appreciated Earth River Expeditions donating such a trip and Generous Adventure providing the forum for the auction. I can honestly state that of the many river running trips I have taken, this one stands out as highlight.

Howard Higgins

My daughter and I just returned from the Ace of Hearts. We had a wonderful time and Sandy and Ed were wonderful hosts. I’ll be checking your web site for other adventures. What a great thing you have got going.

Lisa Walborn

This (Generous Adventures Travel Auctions) is a wonderful thing. Everybody wins.

Joe Connor

It’s an amazing program that you guys run. I commend you on the auction — I think it is a WONDERFUL idea!

Jennifer Yelin

I just wanted to say what a great site Generous Adventures is. I think its a fun and creative way to raise money.

Sam Humphrey

What you’re doing is wonderful. I’m just so excited because it’s a win-win for everyone. I like having a good time doing good.

Katherine Scott

Thank you so much for your wonderful Web site. I bought the Otters, Artists, and Bears trip on your Web site in December for my husband’s Christmas gift. We spent 8 wonderful days in Homer and Anchorage. The trip was great and we enjoyed meeting Rika, Chris and Ken, and Alison. Thank you for arranging such a trip. We are sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet you while we were in Homer. We look forward to bidding on more trips through Generous Adventures and to helping support environmental causes.

Jill L. Ferguson

My parents were _vastly_ impressed with the truly first-class Eco-Valley Ranch, and my husband and I had a fantastic time this past weekend climbing in Joshua Tree National Park with Mountain Adventures Unlimited, another high-class outfit. We look forward to participating in more of your auctions. Thanks again.

Suzanna Mak

Thanks so much, I can’t wait to go on my trip. I originally heard about your organization from someone on a kayaking trip with us in Homer, Alaska, and I’ve already given your name to several other people. It’s a terrific way to get a vacation you want, and help out the environment at the same time.

Janeen Bahr

Thanks so much for making our trip this weekend to Catlins Wildlife Ecotours possible. We had a glorious time. Mary & Fergus Sutherland turn out to be THE experts on the Catlins area, being the local Forest & Bird Society reps (equivalent of Audubon Society in New Zealand) AND they are heavily involved in penguin restoration, sea lion protection, habitat management, etc. Real pros. It poured rain the whole time we were there but that scarcely put a damper on anything as Sutherlands had all the wet weather gear available for us. Their property is right at the river mouth with broad estuary, sand bars, etc. gorgeous. I highly recommend folks to go see them!

Roena Oesting

We have been on the Beyond Samba trip to the Amazon. It actually was a boat cruise on the Rio Negro River. Incredible! We had our own boat with the skipper, a lady cook and a bilingual guide. Everything was included, even the beer and we had a grand old time exploring the jungle with local guides, Piranha fishing, visiting native villages etc. AMAZON NUT SAFARIS, the provider, did an amazing job. Thank you so much for making these kind of trips possible. I am looking forward to the next one.

Elisabeth Mcgill

I just won my first auction with GA for a night at the Grape Leaf Inn in Healdsburg. I called the Inn previous to the bid to check on availability and they were wonderful. I have enjoyed your website and all the info on the staff as well as the work you have accomplished. I frequently write reports at Fodors, Trip Advisor and epinions. I look forward to sharing my discovery with other travelers. Thanks for the work you do and continued success in your venture.

Linda Sparrow

Just wanted to let you know that we finally did the Napa trip with Getaway Adventures and Silver Rose Inn and Spa, and it was spectacular! It was soooo much fun. One of the BEST weekend trips we have ever done…and we’ve done a lot! It was informative, the guides were just great, the bicycling was very fun and we’re going to try to put together another group with a bunch of friends next fall.

Barbara Ringstad

My adventure tour through the Canadian Rockies (with Midnight Sun Travel Adventure) made me feel great: The money I bid helped nonprofits I believe in; I was introduced to a tour company that I’ll tour with again; and I got to spend twelve days climbing mountains, hiking glaciers, white-water rafting, and mountain biking. Congratulations to Generous Adventures for creating a service where everybody wins!

Scott Sheldon, Lawyer and Law Professor

Our trip was wonderfully organized, the service by everybody was just great, the food wonderful and we must say that Tour India came through with flying colors. One can recommend them to anybody. Keep up the good work, Sally. Without your Generous Adventures site we would never even have known about these adventures.

Elisabeth Mcgill

Thank you so much for the opportunity for an incredible trip that I might otherwise not have been able to afford. Even better, with the proceeds of my auction going to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation, it was a satisfying way to travel.
My stay at Romora Bay Club on Harbour Island during the first week of June was wonderful. The hotel location and facilities were amazing, the staff were gracious and helpful and the whole trip was just like a fairy tale.
Thanks again for all that you do at Generous Adventures.

Lindy Shoaf

My wife and I just returned from the Hike/Bike Greece trip donated by ExperiencePlus! for which we were the successful bidders. The trip was fantastic.
This was the third trip/excursion which my family and I have obtained from Generous Adventures and I want to thank you and commend you for the exceptional service that Generous Adventures provides. The knowledge that your bid proceeds are going to a worthwhile cause is gratifying. The diversity of excursions is exceptional. The value is extraordinary. The sensation of doing good while having fun is great. The only drawback is that I do not get enough vacation time to go on all the trips I wish I could bid on. Keep up the good work!

Nick and Mary Ann Strozza

My husband, our 2-year-old son and I just got back from a five day camel trek (Explore the Outback Camel Safaris) with Phil Gee, and we couldn’t have had a better time. It’s a terrific family vacation, relaxing, educational, run by total professionals in an isolated and beautiful part of the world – truly a once in a lifetime experience, except that now we hope to go back for a longer trip next time! We would never have heard about it without Generous Adventures, so thank you for making this possible for us.

Carrie La Seur, Andy and Malcolm Wildenberg

…wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip to Tiamo Resorts which we “won” through Generous Adventures. We ended up using the 4 day trip as our honeymoon. Tiamo Resorts was magical….a true getaway. Great snorkeling, sailing and relaxing. Beyond that their efforts at conservation are fascinating and inspiring.
Thanks again.

Leah Mcgrath & Tim Riddle

I wanted to drop you a note & say what a wonderful time we had in New Zealand with Elm Wildlife Tours near Dunedin. The 5 of us had a ball!! The seals & sea lions, elephant seal, albatross and penguins all performed magnificently for us. We had such a grand time. So thank you for making that such a memorable trip!
Many thanks.

Roena Oesting

Someone had written an article in the Huntsville Times, Alabama about your site and I finally got around to looking at it. Thank you … is all I can say, not only do I get the chance to take truly wonderful holidays, I also contribute towards wildlife and the environment.
I will be forwarding a link to all my friends so that they too can share in it.
Thanks again and best regards in your endeavors.

J. Williams

Thank you so much for all the work you do to raise money for causes that I care about and for providing me the adventures of a lifetime!

Sandy Russell

We used Generous Adventures to visit Santa Fe, New Mexico in November, coordinating two winning bids, one for Santa Fe School of Cooking and the other for the Water Street Inn. We had a wonderful time, using the certificates was hassle free, and we loved having the money go to charity. What a great idea!

Stacy Martin

I was the highest bidder on a San Sebastian trip that was on your web site. I took advantage of the trip a couple of weeks ago with Puerto Vallarta Adventure Tours. It was fantastic, the tour group is very well known and well thought of. The plane was a good one and the tour guide fabulous. It was a great experience and I will be bidding on more trips in the future. Thanks!

A. Owens

Just got back from Sedona and we had the most enjoyable and educational tours with Howie, owner of Redstone Tours. Howie is very knowledgeable and a very good presenter along with a good sense of humor. I would highly recommend, Howie and Redstone Tours.
This would not have been possible had we not been the high bidder for the tours through Generous Adventures. This was our 1st of 2 successful bids and we are looking forward to many more.

Dave and Gloria Weaver

Regarding our trip to Homer…
WOW!!! Great & Generous Adventure! From Maria with her B&B (Maria’s Majestic View B & B) – she made her home our home! , to Rick and his family (Seaside Adventures Eco Tours)- from beach soup to new love of my old well – they all showed the definition of hospitality!! And last but not least Findlay (Findlay Abbott’s Ancient Island Retreat) with opening his island to our family. Nothing short of EXTRAORDINARY !! Mr. Findley – opens his island and his heritage when he welcomes you. All who come will be amazed – however – young ones will not want to leave! Most Wonderful Host.

Beth Hill

Hooray! Thank you for this wonderful website.

Katherine Sublett

I did the kayak/snorkel tour with Maui Eco-Tours. Even got to swim with the dolphins! Great trip and excellent and concerned guides.

Don Gorth

In February I took my husband on a generous adventure to Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. It was my husband’s 50th birthday and the staff could not have been kinder. Everything was first-rate….massages,incredible five course meals, champagne in a beautiful room w/balcony overlooking the mountains, great skiing and snowshoeing. They even baked my husband a monster triple chocolate cake (which took him 2 weeks to eat!). No additional charges, no hidden costs…fantastic!
I’ll definitely be bidding again soon!
Thanks again!

Elizabeth Gaherty

My Maui Eco-Adventures trip was pleasant, well run, peaceful and perfect. I would not hesitate in recommending it for future auctions.

Don Gorth

A wonderful time at a wonderful place (Good Medicine Lodge in Whitefish, MT). Woody and Betsy Cox were our hosts. Thanks.

Riley Johnson

While you were enjoying your trip, we were enjoying our Generous Adventure at Mar de Jade near Puerto Vallarta. All of the places we’ve stayed with your donors have been great and this was no exception. Just wanted to say thanks.

Janet Marantz and Ron Tekel

I think after all my travels in the summer, kayaking in the Benjis (with Horizons Adventures) was my best trip. Tell Rick (the owner) I have been letting everyone I know how wonderful the trip was.

Karen Balderson

A friend and I just completed the San Rafael Swell Trail-ride donated by Hondoo Rivers and Trails (hondoo.com). Pat Kearney and her team are amazing and I highly recommend them. Pat is great with both the inexperienced and the accomplished riders, the food was astonishing, and the wilderness area beautiful beyond words. If you get the chance take one of their trips, you won’t be disappointed!

Carol Bellamy

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed my trip (with Canadian River Expeditions)…all in all it was one of those once in a lifetime type trips and I thank you (CRE) and Chris for making it available to Generous Adventures.

Ed Zimmermann

All I know is if Timberline Adventures puts out another trip (on your website) and the time is right, I will bid.

Konnie Lewin


Q: Did the high bidder in Generous Adventures Travel Auction use their gift certificate?
A: Yes they did – In fact they loved the place and left a deposit for the same Bungalow – same time next winter!
Thanks and please let me know if we can help again!

Michael D. Bensal –The Inn at Manzanillo Bay

I was very impressed with your site–everything works, and quickly. Too many sites are too jazzy but don’t work or take a long time to load, so your’s is a pleasure to visit.

Terry Johnson –Walrus Island Adventures

I checked out your website and was very impressed — it is clean, organized, and perfectly clear how the auction donation works… I can totally see this website as a very popular Internet destination for travelers who perfectly meet our client’s target demographic. And, of course, it’s great that the money goes to Water-keeper Alliance. Thanks for making it so easy to participate!

Krista Hiser, Senior Account Executive for PR Works –ASTON Hotels & Resorts – Hawaii

It was a pleasure for us too to have you client and his friend here in our house. Very distinguished persons and we hope they will come back one day. They both travel a lot as they told us. If you send us such nice people, we are all pleased. Best regards.

Ivonne Harenburg –Colonial Manor Inn Bed & Breakfast

Web presence on your site drove traffic to levels that we could not have gotten in any other affordable way. This isn’t advertising you can buy.

Alison O’Hara –True North Kayak

As a tour operator in the business for “12″ years, I have had more activity from my connection with Generous Adventures than all our previous promotional efforts combined. It’s just good business to put a donation on-line with Generous Adventures. Without cost, you can gain access to millions of travelers and at the same time add credibility to your businesses’ environmental stand.

Rick –Seaside Adventures

Sounds great! Good for you – I love these kinds of arrangements and look forward to taking part. I’m never in a position to make a large donation, so this gives me a way to support the wonderful efforts of those who make protecting the environment a priority. I applaud you!

Kathleen Porter –Volcano Country Cottages

Thank you very much, it is a pleasure to contribute in such noble causes. Good luck with your work. We will be here to help you. Best regards.

Oceanologist Estanislao H. Brodziak –The Whale Watching Center

It was a pleasure receiving internet exposure in this co-productive manner and I thank you again for the opportunity of having our outfitting services promoted through your organization.

Ben Gillam –Baja Outdoor Activities

Thank you all very much at Generous Adventures for the opportunity to market my business in return for supporting a very good cause. Other inquiries are already in the pipeline …I think that in return for your generous listing I should add a link from my site back to Generous Adventures.

Andy Andrewson –AABirding & Travel

Thanks so much for all the effort you put into this! You really stand out as one of the most sincere organizations I have had contact with. We appreciate the contact you kept with us, and especially the name of the person that won our certificate! Feel free to call on us anytime =)

Molli Hamby –Fensalden Inn

We are very pleased to support Generous Adventures as their objectives are fantastic and their method very original.

Philip Gee –Explore the Outback Camel Safaris

I’ve already had a contact from one of the low-bidders to come visit us on their own so I’m sure it will be a win-win-win situation for all.

Bill Graham –Bed and Breakfast of the Champagne Route

I can’t remember what convinced me (to donate) the first year, but the clients who came have become repeating customers and so we did it a second year.” The clients sent by Generous Adventures were “absolutely great…

Paul Beaver –Amazonia Expeditions

The reputation, purpose and mission of the organization sponsoring the auction (is what stands out to us about Generous Adventures Travel Auctions). The first auction winner was wonderful and has traveled with us again…

Michael Sanders –Environmental Adventure Company

We donate to Generous Adventures Travel Auctions because of “good causes and some added visibility for us.

Scot Wild –Wild Card Adventures

We felt that this donation not only served the community…it provided us with positive advertising.

Chris Conway –Wild Basin Outfittters

Internet marketing is the best advertising these days, and with the amount of people you put our information out to, it’s hard to say ‘no’ to such a promotion. Your inserts in the Frommer travel guide are also a big reason. Not to mention the sincere feeling we get from all of your inquiries to us. Your customer service seems very genuine. You always portray a concern for getting our info out to the people who want to see it.

Molli Hamby –Fensalden Inn


Go check out the options at http://www.generousadventures.com and see how your travel dollars can help change the world. Full Story


Generous Adventures Travel Auctions – Best of the Net
-Adventure travel auctions from a company that donates its profits to selected organizations. “Each month, the About.com Guide selects one or two “Best of the Net” links out of the many sites in various categories. To earn this award, a Web site must be one of the very best in its category. It has to stand out as a better-than-average. Not many sites can earn the distinction of “Best of the Net”.

About.com-Best of the Net

When it comes to online travel auctions, everybody wins with Generous Adventures Travel Auctions, owned and operated by Sally Oberstein of Homer, Alaska. Guided by a desire to make the world a better place, Oberstein unrolls a world-sized welcome mat for adventure-minded travelers, significantly boosts the marketing efforts of destination providers and sends sizable donations to carefully selected organizations. Full Story

Alaska Business Monthly – In the seat-backs of 14 domestic and international airlines.

We love it when we meet people who are purely good guys — they’ve got no other motive than making people happy through travel. So we can enthusiastically recommend Generous Adventures… Full Story

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